Wednesday, June 1, 2016

WINNER. Chuffin heck, at last.

Hello It was an almost impossible task, to ask you to guess the magic word, but in the last few hours, 23.49 on the 31st to be precise, someone did indeed get it right. So step forward BrendaR. In your frustrations you wrote the word CHUFFIN, which was chuffin right.

Yep, it is definitely it, Jenny. I'll eat my chuffin' hat if it isn't it :-)
Ilona, it's it isn't it?

I asked for the magic word, it could have been anywhere in the comment. 

BrendaR please tell me your postal address in a comment and I won't publish it,  and which colour preference, pick one from the picture, blue, red, green, and I will send it. 

As you have all tried so hard, I will have the normal prize draw and pick a name out of a hat. So come back later to find out who it is. Thank you all for joining in the fun of it.

Catch you later. Toodle pip

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