Friday, June 24, 2016

Shopping needed, almost out of food.

Hello. Well, we wake up to major eruptions in the political world, I didn't expect that result, a surprise indeed. Listening to Burnsy on local radio there is a mixture of doom and gloom from the remain camp, and enthusiastic optimism from the leave camp who are looking forward to a new start. I shall be interested to see how all this pans out. 
If you have been reading my blog you will know that my personality dictates that I move on through the different chapters of my life. I am able to embrace change, will move on from a situation if it is not working for me, and constantly look for new ways to make my life better. I will organize my life around what income I have, I make do and mend, and I live with an attitude of gratitude. 
Burnsy is playing Carry on Regardless, and that is what we all will do. Nothing terrible is going to happen, the world won't come to a halt, we are not going to self combust or be blasted into smithereens.  
This was my meal yesterday, running low on food, scrambled eggs on a wrap from the freezer, with cheese. No eggs or cheese left. 
Shopping at Tesco last night at 7.30pm, I haven't been for a while, and managed to pick up some reductions. No 90% off any more, but 75% off is still good. Fridge now full with food.

Spinach needs eating quickly or freezing. Maybe a smoothie or two.

Large pack of prepared fruit, this will be smoothied and frozen in the next hour.

Other shopping was cat and dog food, frozen vegetables (broad beans, green beans, casserole veg), bananas, tomatoes, baby potatoes, yogurt, veggie burgers, tinned peaches and baked beans, soft cheese, broccoli, lemon curd, quiche, eggs, and a treat of a bottle of chardonnay. All stocked up for a couple of weeks.

I have received a super gift through the post, so thank you very much. I know who it is from, very kind indeed. A book on bag making, 36 projects to make bags of style. There are some good ideas in there, I have plenty of fabric to make some.

Must get on, thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.

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