Monday, June 6, 2016

Quiet village? Nah, not today.

Hello. Tis the season of barbecue's, and bouncy castles, and loud disco music, and kids running amok and laughing and screaming their little heads off. Oh the joys of having a birthday party in your back garden on a nice summers day. No, not me, the neighbour. It's sheer purgatory from this side of the hedge, only the lawnmower drowns out the noise. To be fair, they don't do it that often, so one day indoors won't hurt me. Yesterday I was popping back inside because it was too hot, now I need to come in to rest my ears. My neighbour on the other side must like it, he has his patio doors wide open. I shall escape and go and do my walk.

Bye for now. Toodle pip

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