Sunday, June 19, 2016

Our Village Art Exhibition

Hello. It's been nice all day, now it's raining. I have been on call this week to water the outdoor plant pots for my friend who is on holiday. I haven't needed to go at all as it has rained either in the daytime or during  the night. I am collecting rain water from the Summer House roof, to be used later when it is not raining. 
Breakfast this morning, bran flakes, chopped nuts, seeds, and sultanas, porridge oats, and strawberries. They are quite cheap at the moment, makes a nice change from bananas.  
 I've stocked up on this hazelnut milk, only £1 for three cartons from the Cash and Carry. It's bloomin delicious, it's great on cereals. Tastes like soft centred chocolates.

Twas the Art Exhibition in the Village Hall today, this is my display of artworks. We weren't able to hang pictures on the walls except if there was already a hook there, so we put chairs on top of tables and covered them with throws, sheets, and table cloths.

Nobody asked to buy my pictures, but that's ok because I'm not ready to sell yet. I want to build up a bigger collection, then I might sell something. I shall be putting some in the Open Exhibition at the Arts Centre a bit later on in the year.

I had quite a lot of interest and enjoyed explaining that you don't need to buy materials to make art, you can use any old rubbish. 
The Chat and Craft display. Some lovely stitching on here from our crafty ladies.

A large part of the hall was taken up with paintings from individual artists and groups. 
I wouldn't say we were rushed off our feet. There was a steady trickle of people, but we could have done with some more. I went into the club next door to remind people that we were open for visitors, but I could see that it was going to be a hard job to drag them away from their alcoholic beverages.

I did a quick meal tonight, aren't all my dinners quick to make, ha ha. A large spud in the microwave, yellow sticker, 60p for 4. Three mushrooms, chopped spring onions, spinach, grated cheddar cheese, soft cheese, garlic powder, veg granules, wholegrain mustard. Add a splash of water to make a sauce. Bloomin lovely, my kind of dinner.

It's still pouring with rain, so I will not be walking tonight. I fear I will not make the 500 by the end of the month, unless I double up and do one in the morning and one again later in the day. We'll see.

I can relax now, all the sheddie stuff has been done and I have no more commitments for a couple of weeks or so. The kids are all fine, my thanks to the three pet sitters I had last week when I wasn't here. It's good to have a back up plan. Rocky is becoming less mobile as his age is catching up with him. He is comfortable and much loved, by me and the cats.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.

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