Friday, June 10, 2016

Attention seeking

Hello. Life is back to normal, I'll tell you all about yesterday at a later date, but for now I have things to do. Still haven't got a wheelie bin for my garden rubbish and as things are growing rapidly I need to keep on top of the job by trimming up the hedges. I rang the council as I should have had one delivered by now, so she took my details and I have had confirmation that I will get one within the next seven days. Chuffin heck, I need one now. If the bin men had reported mine as broken almost two weeks ago I would have one. I'm going to put this broken one out again on Monday with a note on the lid saying where is my chuffin new bin? 
Moving on......we need a sign for our art exhibition on Sunday the 19th. There's nowhere to put it close to the Village Hall except on a lamp post. Luckily I have got some long narrow pieces of plastic 29 inches long and 5.5 inches wide, just the job. I will be able to attach it with cable ties. I've made a start, painted it yellow, there will be lots of colour. Should grab people's attention. 

Kathy has mentioned a new programme on BBC called MAKE! Craft Britain, thank you for that. Just by chance I watched it today while I ate my lunch. It was quite interesting, so if any of you crafty people out there would like a butchers (look), click on this link which will take you to it on the iplayer. It's available for 29 days. I haven't looked if it's on yooootoooob yet. I thought there might have been more similar programmes available on the iplayer but all there is at the bottom of the page is a button to click on if you want to buy more craft series. Looks like this is a taster to get you to cough up some dosh if you want more. 
Here's a question to my fellow bloggers. Are you getting a banner which says,  'Your HTTPS settings have changed. All visitors are now able to view your blog over an encrypted connection etc etc etc'. Anyone know what it means in simple English. I've clicked on the 'Learn more', link but I'm none the wiser. I wish they wouldn't muck about with the gubbins. Has anyone turned on the HTTPS redirect? What happened? I am reluctant to fiddle with things for fear of losing stuff. I tend to leave things alone while they are working ok. 
Right, I'm going to wind down with a book. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip. 

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