Monday, May 2, 2016

Ten good reasons why I don't have contents insurance.

Hello. While pondering over a few topics for blog posts, I came up with the idea of  delving a little deeper into the whys and wherefores of  how I organize my life. My quirky ways of doing things or not doing things, and the reasons behind my way of thinking might not suit everybody. I tend not to go with the flow, I like to explore and find out what works for me, even if it goes against the grain and people might question my sanity. I might make a one sentence statement which does not give the whole picture, so I am going to do a series of posts called Ten Good Reasons Why.........and fill in the gaps. 
So the first statement is 
Ten good reasons why I don't have house contents insurance.  

1. There is very little stuff of value in my house. I could happily give it all away and start again. Most of it was acquired cheaply second hand or given to me free. The things I have bought from a shop are old and not worth very much. 
2. I have no jewelry, no collectors items worth a lot of money. My electrical gadgets are ancient. 
3. I have enough money in my emergency fund to replace anything broken, damaged, or stolen. 
4. I have no feelings for my stuff, I am not married to my stuff, I am not in love with it. It is just stuff. It doesn't belong to me, I am borrowing it while I am alive, I can't take it with me. 
5. I don't need a lot of stuff. I can manage with the basics. A bed, a chair, something to cook my food on, clothes to wear, bedding to keep warm. 
6. If I had to start again I would be happy to purchase second hand, ask for items I find in a skip, buy at a car boot sale or charity shop, accept donations from friends.  
7. I don't want to pay for contents insurance. The money I have saved over the years by not paying, more than covers the cost if I had to buy something. 
8. Insurance is all about risk, do I want to take the risk by not having it, or do I want parts of my  life to be cushioned against risks, and pay for the cost of it.  Peace of mind doesn't come cheap. I am happy to take the risk and not pay for contents insurance.  
9. I am not a worrier, I will not lose sleep thinking about what if all my stuff is lost.. I take each day as it comes, living for the now, and not worrying about how long my stuff will last, or if it will be stolen, or lost in a fire or broken in an accident. What will be will be. I prefer to live with the thought that it might never happen, rather than, oh dear, what if. 
10. Looking for the right policy can be very time consuming, playing one company off against another, trying to get the best deal. Small print baffles me, big numbers baffle me, the wording of policies baffles me. I don't want to be bothered with it. 

Everyone must assess their own needs for insurance, dependent on how much they value their possessions, the value of their possessions, and what it would cost to replace them. Personality comes into play as well, whether they are risk takers or risk averse. Whether losing their possessions would have a detrimental affect on their quality of life, or whether they are confident to move on and start again.   

No painting today, it's been raining. The Walking Group mileages are rolling in, the page is slowly filling up, and it's looking good. It's great that you are making a real effort. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up later.
Toodle pip. 

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