Friday, May 27, 2016

Nice article, if you can get past the adverts

Hello. There is a nice story about my Summer House in the Scunthorpe Telegraph. The journalist left me an email asking for my phone number yesterday. I answered her. She hasn't rung me, but gone ahead and written the story anyway, using information cobbled together from other sources, national papers and my blog. It reads well.

If you want to read it click on the link, but beware, you only get a taster of it and to read the whole article you have to answer a stupid survey question. Just click on a bluddy box and it will reveal the article. Infuriating. You can bypass this by clicking on the 'skip' option, but then you get adverts littering it, also infuriating. Maybe you have ad blocker, I don't.

Back later.

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