Saturday, May 14, 2016

Church of many colours

Hello. I went to the opening of a new exhibition last night at the 20 21 Arts Centre. The instillation is called Our Colour Reflection. The floor of the church is covered with coloured mirrors to reflect the lights installed in the ceiling. In fact there were two exhibitions in one. Gill Hobson is an artist who works with projected light, and the walls were bathed in glorious colours to complement the floor mirrors. Her web site has some wonderful works from her past exhibitions. Well worth a look. 

The mirrors, as I mentioned on Thursday, are by Liz west. You can read the blurb about Our Colour Reflection, on her web site. Should you wish to see this it is on until the 25th of June.

The combination of the two artists worked well, but Gill Hobson's projections were only on for the opening night. I have been told that on a fine day, the church is lit up from the sun shining through the windows, so I will have to go back in the day time to see that.

Plenty to do today, so I'll say Toodle pip, have a good weekend, and we'll catch up soon.

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