Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bimbling around Kirkby, Hutton, and Gillamoor

Hello. I started this last night but after loading the photo's, one at a time because my little laptop would not let me make multiple uploading, I gave up and went to bed. Today is a new day and I am up early, so maybe I'll get this posted before breakfast.
 Wow, what a lot of birthday wishes, thank you all very much, I am chuffed. My celebrations continue and I am bimbling around North Yorkshire. Not a long walk today, as I didn't get started until lunchtime, only eight miles. The weather is warm and I was soon changing into my shorts. The car park in Kirkbymoorside is expensive and everyone seems to park on the side of the road, so I did the same. After a quick look in the church, I was on my way. I had identified a circular walk which would take me to Hutton le Hole, Gillamoor, and back to Kirkby.
The map was telling me I had to cross a stream over a footbridge. Alas, no footbridge, and no water either.
I love the North Yorkshire National Park. The Moors and Dales are just fab walking country.
Oooh look a nice Scania truck, the driver loading his logs with a grab crane. I prefer Volvo's myself, but Scania come a close second. I was brought up on ERF's though, but the only ones you see now are vintage. 
A row of dinky little shops in Hutton. I didn't cave in and get an ice cream though, I had my packup to eat. 
A quick look through the window of the museum at the entrance charge was enough to put me off going in here. £6.50 for seniors. Don't think I'll bother, I'll walk around the village instead.
It's a pretty village, with two parallel roads and a stream between them. 

Plenty of cottages, small and large.

Out of Hutton following the Tabular Hills Walk, a long distance footpath, plenty of signposts. 
There's quite a steep stretch of road to climb up into the village of Gillamoor. This is the view you get when you reach the church at the top. An elderly couple in a posh Volvo car stopped to ask me if I wanted a lift back to Kirkby. I'm sure they thought me a bit potty when I said I wanted to walk, and was counting it towards my 1000 mile target.
The church at Gillamoor.
I thought this was a neat idea, in the absence of a village shop some enterprising person has parked a cart at the front of their house. Sweets and snacks available, and a few basic provisions. 
The playing field near the school was busy, full of kiddywinks burning off excess energy by chucking a ball around. Coming back into Kirkby, it says there are remains of a castle on the map, so I went in search of it. Not a lot left, but some nice walks through the woods. Most of what is left of the castle has been swallowed up.
That's the walk done, back to my car to drive to Gillamoor for my B & B. I arrived just as the farmer was about to leave, he had left a note pinned to the door of my room, I was to let myself in. It seems very laid back here. Very nice room, time to chill and watch the tele. Load of tosh on though, might as well play on the computer.

Breakfast at 8.30 just time to jump in the bath. The weather forecast is not so good for today, hope I can dodge the rain. Thanks for popping in. Have a nice day,
Toodle pip.

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