Monday, May 9, 2016

A good arty crafty site to check out.

Good morning. A quick in and out before I go to Crafty Club. It has been brought to my attention, by two people in fact, (thank you both), that Josie Russell is a brilliant artist and has a web site. I've had a look and her textile art is lovely. Worth a look for all you crafty people out there, and non crafty who want to buy greetings cards which are based on her designs.

I'm putting a call out to all bloggers to check their comments for spammers. I am getting a few disguised as real comments. Automated spam is not getting through now since Blogger changed things, but there are still some who will try. They appear to be friendly, and write a few words in connection with the post topic. Their link is embedded in their user name, so check them out before publishing. Another clue is that English is not their first language. Mum has a spam comment on her blog at the moment. If you want to keep your blog clean moderate your comments. Why let all and sundry use your hard work as a platform for their business.

Checking out. Catch ya later.
Toodle pip

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