Thursday, April 28, 2016

When life throws you a curved needle

Hello. My art project keeps throwing new ideas at me, it's not as straight forward as I first thought when the seed was planted. I now have to turn it into a fully grown cottage garden which will need lots of nurturing to get it into it's finished state. 
I need to sew around corners so I am using a curved needle, but it's not easy. With a normal needle I have to go up and down, pulling it through to the underneath and poking it back up again. I thought this curved needle would make the job easy so I can do the work from the top, but where should I grip it?
The eye is quite big so I suppose I could get a better grip on that, but it is so long I might not be able to control the pointy bit. I could hold it half way along but then it swizzles around and it takes a few stabs before I find the exact right place for the stitch. It's too narrow at the point to hold.

Maybe I could buy a smaller curved needle, I might look when I am next in town. Do they make smaller ones, are they easier to handle? In the meantime I shall carry on with this one. I can see this taking a long time.

Thank you for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
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