Sunday, April 10, 2016

Block paving? It's a doddle ;o)

Hello. It's been a great day, I've got a lot done. I like to start the day off with sewing, the light coming in through the back window into the living room is ideal for doing close work. Even though I wear varifocals I still prefer to take my specs off and get up close when I am doing tiny stitching. I had a frame earmarked for the picture but it wasn't quite right, then I looked through the others I have and found this one. It is exactly the right size but the colour is wrong, too brown. 
No worries, just paint it white. After three coats of vinyl silk emulsion it is ready.

Remember this, the collapsed pallet decking which became a graveyard for other pieces of timber and anything that didn't have a place elsewhere. I showed you the picture after I cleared it all out and took it down the tip. I leveled the ground off with some of the spare compost I had.  
And now it looks like this. I re potted a few plants into bigger pots, this is all I am going to put here, I like the tidy and uncluttered look. I have scattered grass seed all around it so hopefully the lawn will cover the compost when it starts growing. Big improvement, eh!

I ended up with more bricks than I needed for the beds, but not to worry, I found a use for them. A bit of home made block paving between the bed and the summerhouse.

And these bricks fit nicely into this space between the summerhouse and the garage.

The cats like to sit on the edges of the beds, thankfully they aren't getting in them to dig. When the seeds start coming up I will take away the plastic trellis. The ground around them is a bit bare but I've scattered grass seed over it. All we have to do now is wait for things to grow. 
Today I ate the second portion of the deeelishus stew, here it is. More left for tomorrow. I don't mind eating the same thing three days running, and I love the idea of cooking in one pan, just chuck it all in. Less faff and less washing up. 
Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

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