Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Auntie Meanqueen speaking

Hello me hearties. It's been non stop rain this morning so I have been working on the picture, nearly finished.

The topic today is saving time and money on the washing up. Remember when I said years ago that if I didn't spend money then I didn't have to earn it? Common sense, eh! Well, applying that same principle in the kitchen, if I don't mess pots up I don't have to wash them. As you know I don't like washing up, I make a meal in one pan, and eat it out of there, and only have the pan to wash. Another variation of this idea is not to buy clothes that need ironing if you don't like ironing. That saves time and electricity. I haven't ironed anything  for years except the bits of fabric I use in crafting.

There are loads of ways to cut down on utilities, with a bit of tweaking the routine. We all know about cooking several meals at the same time, to be eaten over the whole week.

I listen to the radio on the computer, rather than turning the stereo on. I am already on the computer anyway, makes sense.

Other ways to save a bit of money. Wash your car with rain water or bath water. Don't put anything else down the toilet except poo and toilet paper. There's a chance that other things might block the pipes, and plumbers cost money. Switch off at the wall any electrical appliances that are not in use. Don't do 'out and back' journeys in your car. Wait until you have several places to visit and do them in a round trip in one journey. Pick up shopping on the way back from work.

Do not hoard frozen food, just buy what you need for the next few months. If your freezer is full, don't buy another one, eat some of the food you already have. De clutter fridge/freezer, and cupboards regularly. Don't buy any more food until you have significantly reduced the amount you have. Never mind saying 'I don't fancy it', you paid for it, you eat it.

There you are, that's your Auntie Meanqueen speaking.

I made this little vid for you. Think before you mess any pots up. Use the minimum pans and utensils, you only have to wash them if you get them dirty. Don't make a mess in the kitchen, keep the worktop tidy.

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

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