Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A place where the sun is always shining

Hello. I am pleased to unveil the latest picture. It hasn't taken as long at the more complicated textile pieces I have made. The idea for it came from a picture that lovelygrey had on her blog, on the 26th February, so I didn't have to start from a blank page. Mine is a simplified version as it would be very difficult to replicate exactly from a painting to textiles. The two trees and the colours used are similar. The painting has water and a lighthouse, mine doesn't. I have deliberately left my sky plain, the painting is muticoloured with lots of detail. 
The yellow fabric was painted, it was beige, and the swirls are felt tip pens drawn on by hand. The white leaves are cut from the same fabric as the trunk and turned back to front. The four flowers are felt, as are the red spots. I could have done the whole thing in felt, but that would have limited the finish I was looking for.

I painted three circles for the sun in red, yellow, and orange. The sky is from an ironing board cover given to me.

The rainbow bridge is the beige fabric decorated with felt tip pens, and ironed on.

The green background to the tree was a green baize from a snooker table. The purple branches and pink leaves are from Scrapstore fabric. Does not fray, it has a rubbery backing. 
I drew the shapes onto the fabric first then painted it going over the edges. Then I cut the circles out. The paint stops it from fraying.

The swirls on the green cotton fabric were white, I went over them with an orange felt tip pen, then added lots of French knots. 

The plain green fabric here is machined with lots of zigzag stitches in three different colours.

The coloured cords which divide the sections up are couched on in matching cotton, and were bought from Poundland, £1 a bag of mixed colours. 
And the final picture is within the frame. I took this before I put the glass in, to eliminate reflections. I'm not sure it should be behind glass because it's more like a tapestry, but it keeps it clean. Excuse the shadows, the sun was coming through the window from the side. 
All ready to take to Burton on Trent to show my uncle, when I go and see his exhibition.

And the title? 'Rocky's Place', because this is how I see Rainbow Bridge.

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

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