Saturday, March 26, 2016

What could be better.

Hello. Change in the weather today, blustery and cold, We don't mind, snug and safe indoors with lots of playing for me. I popped to the retail park this morning, I've just discovered I can paint fabric with emulsion and acrylic paints, and I need some felt tip pens to add detail. This should be fun, Now, if I don't have the right colour fabric I can paint some. Opens up more possibilities. 
We have a large department store called The Range, not somewhere I shop on a regular basis as it's a tad expensive. Sometimes they have offers on pet food, but I wasn't looking for that today. I like to browse the craft department, not so much for buying things, but to pick up some ideas. This time I did buy a couple of packs of felt tip pens at £1 each though, the others in the picture were from Home Bargains, a cheaper store. I was a bit naughty, instead of an Easter egg, which are not worth the money, you pay for packaging, I bought a tube of Rolo as an Easter chocolate treat for me for later. 
The advertising board outside the store grabbed my attention, because my tummy was rumbling, I stopped to peruse the menu. Good grief, £3.25 for a plain jacket potato. I'd rather go hungry. It was time for me to get off home anyway, I'll last till then. 
This is my version of a jacket potato, I do mine in the microwave. The skin isn't crispy but I don't care, it all goes down the same way. My 2.5k bag of potatoes cost 25p from Aldi, that was in the super six offers, I also got a bag of carrots and a bag of parsnips. Bit cheaper that the plain potato in The Range, eh! I bet they don't fill the plate with trimmings like I do, spinach, tomato, pickled onions, mushrooms, sprinkle of grated cheese, a squirt of mayo, and half a tin of Value beans for 12p. This is why I rarely if ever eat out.

Well that's me stuffed, a full tum, a glass of wine, Susan Boyle singing to me, what could be better. I could almost fall asleep, ha ha.

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon, Toodle pip

PS. Don't forget to put your clocks forward by one hour tonight.

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