Friday, March 25, 2016

Staying at home on this Bank Holiday weekend

Hello and Good Morning on this Good Friday bank holiday. The sun is out and it looks promising. I'm kicking off with an early blog post because I have things to do. Thank you for joining in the discussion yesterday, lots of thoughts about vegans and carnivores, and all variations in between. It's a topic that will be talked about forever and a day. 
A quickie post today. My redundant bed upstairs is coming in useful as a place where I can gather a few materials together to plan out a new project. It's raised enough so I don't have to bend down too far, and low enough to see the whole picture as I piece it together. It's loosely based on a picture I saw on Lovely Grey's blog. Not an exact copy but it's given me some ideas. I want to get away from using traditional colours when constructing landscapes. The piece of A4 paper to the right of it is a pencil drawing I made, I'm using this for the scale. Bit by bit, it will come together. 
The daffodils outside my back door come up year after year. I put the plastic markers there as they start to appear, because I forget in the early stages and keep stepping on them. Luckily they have survived my clumsy feet to flower again.

I hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. I am not going anywhere, I don't like joining the throngs in their dash down the motorway to wherever. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.

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