Saturday, March 19, 2016

Slow slow stitch stitch slow

Hello. It's been a bit chilly for gardening and there was a few spots of rain, so I kept busy indoors instead. It's my friend Carol's birthday soon so I made her a card. It's amazing what you can do with a few scraps of fabric. I used to make a lot of cards, but don't do so many now. I don't like gluing things so I sew the embellishments on instead. The cards I already have, bought ages ago from The Works, £4 for 50 cards.  Four sequins and four beads, a Happy Birthday taken from an old card and attached with sticky pads, and there you have it. I have inserted a piece of white A4 paper cut to size and attached with embroidery thread down the centre, it covers the stitching on the inside.. Left blank to add a personal message.  

These are the offcuts I used. The fabric doesn't fray, it has a rubbery backing.

I fancy having a go at making a fabric picture using a machine instead of hand sewing, but my electric one has two settings, either stopped or going like the clappers. It's hard to regulate the speed to a steady pace where I can control the direction of sewing, so I have dug out my old hand machine, buried somewhere under the piles of stuff in the spare room, crafting supplies and fabric warehouse. The last time I had it out was a few years ago, it was playing up a bit. After much fiddling and twiddling knobs I gave up and buried it under a couple of dining chairs. So here it is, a bit more fiddling and it works.

Ready to go, just need to work out an idea for the picture. Glad I didn't give it away.

Walk all done for today, I did it while it was still light. Stopped half way round though to deliver some Easter Eggs to my friend Helen's children, as a thank you for tipping me off about the bricks. Helen got to keep the home made bag as well. Lovely friends, lovely kids.

Thank you so much for the smashing comments you have been sending my way, I am chuffed that you like my blog. Now the evening is mine to chill. Enjoy your Saturday night, and have a good day tomorrow. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

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