Sunday, March 6, 2016

New exhibitions at The Ropewalk

Aye up me ducks, how ya diddlin. I was a bit fed up of being indoors today, so I went out. I noticed in our free paper, in the guide to local events, that there are two new artists exhibiting their works at the Ropewalk Gallery in Barton. Just the ticket to get me off my bum and go and have an eyeball. 
Amanda Cobbett is a paper and textile artist. I liked the look of the work on her web site, but was a bit disappointed that her exhibition was a bit small and did not contain many pieces. I was particularly interested in her embroidered pictures, but there were none on show. It focused on her birds, flowers, and mushrooms. 
The detail in these small pieces is amazing, the birds are papier mache covered in machine embroidery. There are more pictures on her web site. I didn't photograph the mushrooms because they were inside a perspex case which would have caught the reflections in the room. 

The other exhibition was a bit strange, I am not sure how these images were made, but if you are interested here is a link to Lou Hazelwoods blurb on the Ropewalk site. There is a short video explaining the methods she used. 

Luckily the Ropewalk is right next to Tesco, so with a bit of careful timing I was able to scoop quite a good haul of yellow stickers. I made a stop halfway home because the sunlight was making interesting pictures. These two photo's were taken in exactly the same spot, first looking away from the sun, then into it. 

Here I have £15.09's worth of food, for which I paid £2.19p. There's salad leaves, rocket, cauliflower, bananas, apples, prepared fruit, wraps, carrots and peas, and I had a treat of four blueberry muffins for 18p. I did try to resist them, but the price swayed me. I have plenty in the fridge now, don't need anything else this week.

Well it's time for me to go walkabout, I really must try and get it done earlier. I see a lot of our walking group members are making a big effort to top up their miles. Every little helps, every mile counts towards the big 1000. Don't worry if you are going at a more leisurely pace, it isn't a race, the taking part is more important. There are no prizes for those who go through to the finishing line, except the uplifting feeling that you have achieved your goal, and you are a lot more fitter and healthier than when you started. Well done everyone. Keep walking.

Thanks for popping in. Catch up soon. Toodle pip.

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