Monday, March 21, 2016

Just perfect

Hello. This pampered pooch loves his bed. He lies on the edge of my duvet, and has his own small duvets, one underneath and one on top. I get up in the morning and he lies there waiting for me to get dressed, go to the bathroom, then come downstairs and open the back door. 
I went to Crafty Club this morning, and after a lunch of mushrooms and scrambled eggs on toast, I went out into the garden to finish off the beds. davee is disappointed that I spent £28 on some plants, when there are plenty of seeds going free at the local park, and cuttings can be taken as well. Yes, I agree there are lots of freebies if you look around, but I haven't had hardly any treats over the last few months. Last holiday was in September, an odd day out here and there, and considering how much I have actually saved by scrounging free bricks and doing the job myself, I think I can splash out on a few plants. It looks a bit bare at the moment but there are lots of seeds in there as well, so I am hoping for a splash of colour for the summer.

These two popped in to see me when they were passing. Lulu on the left and George on the right. They know where to come for a tasty doggy treat. Quite a few dogs try and pull their owners up my driveway because they know this is the house where the owner is soft about dogs, ha ha. Aren't they adorable. 
My job for tomorrow if the weather is dry. That pallet decking has to go, and see how the wooden shelving is leaning, it's rotten at the bottom and is in danger of keeling over. I have a plan for that, I can't take it away altogether because Mayze cat likes to snooze in it. Some adjustments are needed to keep it upright.

Isn't it lovely that we have more daylight hours now, I am waking up earlier as well. The first thing I see when I open my eyes are the silver birch trees in the garden behind mine. My bed is facing the back window and I leave the curtains partially open. Some mornings it's the sunrise that wakes me. Every morning I lie for a few minutes and contemplate how I might fill the fresh new day ahead of me. My life is just perfect at the moment, I have everything I need. My house is not modern, everything in it is a mish mash of different styles and colours, nothing matches. The interior decoration is the choice of the previous owners, I can live with it. My garden is my playground, there are no manicured lawns or block paving. The garage needs demolishing and a new one put up in it's place, but it won't get done, I'll manage with it. Show house it most definitely isn't, but it's my home, and it does me just fine.

A nice mug of hot chocolate will finish the day off nicely, so I'll say goodnight. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.

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