Monday, March 14, 2016

I can't possibly throw her out.

Hello. I need to do more decluttering, I have too much stuff. I keep revisiting cupboards and drawers, going through things over and over again. Do I really need this or can it go. Maybe I should keep it, it might come in handy. I have had this a long time, and can't let it go, always excuses as to why I should keep things. I have too many pairs of socks, why do I keep the holey ones? Some of my sweatshirts are faded, stained, and worn out, maybe they will be useful for wearing around the house. 
Sometimes I am in a brutal mood and put things in bags and take them to the Age UK shop, but no matter how many times I do this, I still have far too much. Things find their way into my house when I am not looking. I need to balance it out and take more stuff to the charity shop. 
But what to take? I've found a few things here that I have had for many a year, they have moved house with me several times, I can't leave them behind, or give them away. 
My first and only baby dolly,  it must be about 60 years old. It still has the same romper suit on, and it has a lazy eye. I called it Amanda after my German Grandmother. Poor dolly is losing it's stuffing, the rubber arms and legs have perished and it's falling apart. I can't possibly throw her out. 
My jewelry box from when I was about 13. It's got a red silk lining with a tray dividing the top and bottom. I never had any proper jewels to put in it, just a few chains and beads. This has to stay.

My mum's musical jewelry box, she had it for as long as I can remember. I love to lift the lid and listen to The Blue Danube. Mine to keep forever.

Mum's transistor radio. I always used to nick this and take it to bed with me and listen under the covers. She used to put it in her handbag and take it with her when she went out anywhere. She was a big fan of Derby County Football Club and always listened to the match on it. I have to keep this.

These books belonged to my dad, he had a big collection of film books which he kept in a cupboard in the living room. we weren't allowed to read them, but often sneaked them out when he wasn't looking. I got into trouble once because I scribbled in one with a pencil. After he died we had to sort his few belongings out and his book pile was thrown away. I kept these. What a shame that I didn't keep them all, they would have been collectors pieces now. I might as well keep these, they are not taking up much space. 

Oh well, back to the drawing board, these things stay, but surely there must be more stuff lurking in my house that I can move on. I'll have a check round.

Do you find it easy to declutter, or do you hang onto stuff? How do you decide what you actually need to keep, or what you can manage without?

I haven't done much in the garden today. Crafty Club this morning, and I took Rocky for a check up at the vet this afternoon, and to get some more medication as we are just coming to the end of the bottle.

I was tired last night after all that brick humping so I didn't do a walk. I must go and do it now. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

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