Sunday, March 20, 2016

Four new beds are ready.

Hello. I've been cracking on in the garden today. The first day of spring was lovely, I definitely had a spring in my step. I've made this small bed where I flattened one the other day. 
The fourth and last bed to get a makeover is this one. It's got scaffolding boards around it and they are starting to rot. It's been a bit of a dumping ground since I covered it up at the end of last year.

Everything shifted off and I moved some of the compost over to the small bed to fill it. Another trip to the tip I think.

The fourth and last bed is done. I still have some boxes of compost to use up, no doubt I'll find a use for it.

This is what's left of the 300 bricks stacked on the pallet. I still have the 200 behind the garage, and about another 75 which I cleaned up. I have a plan for them. The pallet decking will be removed and bricks laid in it's place. 
Nothing is planted yet, I wanted to get all the beds ready first so I can divide up the plants and seeds I have. It will look a bit bare at first until everything gets going. Work will resume tomorrow, weather permitting. Heidi is doing really well, the tablets are working. She is not too keen on me wrapping her in a towel  every night though, and chucking the tablet down her throat.

I made some peanut butter tonight. Easy peasy, two bags of cheapo peanuts in the processor.

Three minutes and Bob's your uncle, much better than shop bought, and cheaper.

Howz everyone doing with their walking? I did my three miles a bit earlier tonight and now I'm on 226 miles. I am aiming for 250 miles by the end of the month, eleven days left so if I don't have a day off I should finish on 259. Doesn't sound so daunting when you break it down to chunks of three months. Doesn't time fly.

That's it for now, I'm going to relax in an arm chair and read a bit before bed time. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.

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