Sunday, March 13, 2016

500 free bricks

Hello. Another glorious day, lets have more sun, yipeeee. My brick pile sort of grew, I had to build another one. I thought I was only going back for one more load, but surprise surprise, it turned into three. The grand total is 500 free bricks. Chuffin amazing isn't it, and if I haven't got enough I can go back for more. Blimey, I could build an extension to my house, ha ha. And on top of that, I had an email from a friend saying she had seen a pile of bricks in someone's front garden. Oh no, I think I have enough. 
Here we go then, start by removing the two dividing centre pallets and one at the front. I am trying not to make a mess with the compost spilling out all over the place. 
I filled all the containers with compost.

Rocky enjoying a spot of sunbathing keeping an eye on the proceedings. 

Now all the pallets are removed, I have started digging it over. I need to shrink this pile and tidy the edges before I start laying the bricks around it.
Here is the wood which now needs disposing of. It has been suggested that it could be placed at the bottom of the beds and compost laid on top of it. A good idea in theory but I am not going to do that. If I were to bury this my raised beds would be five feet high. It would need a lot of bricks which would need mortar to hold them together. My beds are only three bricks high and I am not using mortar, just laying them loose. Also, I would need to remove all of the compost before I put the wood in place, I don't have the room to do that and no where to put the compost. So, these will go to the Council dump and be put into the wood recycling bin. If anyone wants them for burning they are welcome to take them. I will ask around but if they are still here in a weeks time I will dump them. A lot of it is rotten and not even fit for burning.

Work will be resumed in the garden tomorrow after Crafty Club. Lots to do.

I found out today that Jo Brands One Hell of a Walk documentary will be on BBC 1 on Thursday night at 9pm. Have a look at it because I might be on it. There again, my bit might end up on the cutting room floor. I did three short interviews, so you never know, you might see my mush, but you might not.

That's all for tonight. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.

PS. I think I have just deleted a comment on the previous post. I am getting reader comments coming into the spam folder, and if I am not concentrating I accidentally delete them. Strange that I am getting hardly any spam these days. When I got tons of the stuff I went through every one of them to make sure I wasn't deleting a genuine comment. Now that isn't happening and I am not so careful with my checking. Sorry to the person who I zapped. I must slow down and not whiz through so quickly. The reader asked if I was putting mortar between the bricks, which I have already answered here. 

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