Friday, February 19, 2016

No bells and whistles

Hello, my little Nokia is knackered. Boo hoo, sob sob. The man in Carphone Warehouse couldn't get it to work, he fiddled with it, but no, it is a sick phone. 
The walls were filled with phones galore, I briefly browsed, which one should I have. My goodness, the prices of some of them, utterly bonkers. I said, nope, don't want one of those, I want a bog standard cheapie for phone calls and texts. There was a Nokia on display exactly like this one, for £20. That will do I said. He went and looked in the storeroom, sorry, we are out of stock. We walked back to the display to see what else there was. The next Nokia model up was £50, he pointed to it. What, I said, aghast, I'm not paying that much. Then he pointed to a Samsung, this is £25 he said. I said, I don't want to pay an extra £5 for a different model and have to familiarize myself with it, I can't deal with anything too complicated. I asked if they were getting some more Nokia's in, he said yes, next week. I said, OK, I'll come back next week.

So I walked out with nothing. Got to stick to my guns haven't I, now I am the stingiest pensioner in the country. It's not just the price of an all bells and whistles phone that puts me off getting one, it's the fact that I don't want to be a slave to a screen 24/7. I don't want to be permanently connected to the internet, to be constantly checking it, any emails, anyone tweeted me, what's happening on Facebook and so on. I have a life away from the computer, I don't want to be carrying one around with me. I also don't want to be trapped in a contract. My little phone has cost me £5 a month on Pay As You Go. If I want to take a photo I carry my camera. The phone is just for the odd call once in a blue moon, and sending a text. That's fine by me.

Three miles done tonight, it's blowing a hoolie out there. Thanks for popping in. Catch up soon. Have a nice weekend.
Toodle pip

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