Saturday, February 13, 2016

Can you hear me mother?

Good morning. Well that was a bit of a mad rush. There was me thinking I would have enough time to get ready for a 9am start by getting up at 7.30am, and just before eight I had a phone call saying can I be ready with the Skype connected at 8.30am. Cue mad rush, gulp down the coffee, madly tidying up, grabbing small computer, plugging in and switching on. Another phone call on the mobile, are you ready. Me...still trying to get Skype started. Yes, Skype is ready, they called me, WE ARE CONNECTED.

I can see what is happening in the studio, they are rehearsing, I can hear them as well. They speak to me, I speak back. We have a practice, Matt asks a question, I answer. My screen keeps freezing, don't know if the problem is here or there. Skype is not brilliant, a second or two delay, stop and start, I can hear an echo of my own voice. The interview had to be aborted, not going to work.

I am disappointed, they said they have a technical problem, I also have a problem this end as well, the broadband signal is lousy. Never mind, at least we tried. Going down to London for a five minute sit on a settee is just not worth the expense and time. I think I need to get my equipment updated, and make my own little videos from here.

I'm juggling two computers, will log off on this big one, and upgrade the small one from Windows 7 to 10. It's telling me I can do that free. Catch you later.
Toodle pip.

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