Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The cat sat on the sewing

Hello. If you want to get on with a sewing project, put the cat out of the room and close the door. Yesterday afternoon Mayze was in and out, and up and down, like a fiddlers elbow. I'd get a few stitches done and back she came again.
'Wadaya doin, you've missed a bit there. I want to sit on here, stop sewing.' 
Last night it was Heidi's turn. 'This sewing lark is so boring, I'm falling asleep.'

No wonder I'm not getting on very well with it, all the interruptions. Here's a little bit so far, shades of green. Strips of fabric twisted and put through the machine on a zigzag stitch. Sewn on the fabric with a couching stitch. It will be a long while until it's anywhere near finished at this rate.

The parsnips were turned into a big pan of parsnip curry. That's my dinner for three days. I fancy going for a walk tomorrow, but the forecast is gales and rain, I'll see what it's like in the morning, might have to resort to plan B.

A short one tonight, sees ya tomorrow. Toodle pip.

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