Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Slaving over a hot sewing machine

Hello. I like to alternate between hand sewing and machine sewing so I don't get too bored. Today it was the turn of the machine, I fancied making some shopping bags. The fabric I have used all came from the Scrapstore, it has a backing on it so it's super thick and strong. I am trying to reduce the size of my stash, and use up some bits. There isn't enough of one colour to make a single bag, so I have mixed them up a bit.  
Previously I have made bags out of both these colours, there is just enough fabric left to make this last one. The handles on three of the bags are sewn onto the outside, because they were too thick to fold and tuck under the hem round the top.
The other side of this bag is the opposite way round, the patterned fabric panel is in the centre.

The red fabric came in strips, so I extended the width by adding a panel in the centre.

 The bag is blue, the handles are dusky pink, so what, they don't have to match.

Super strong bags, nice and cheerful to brighten up any shopping trip, and they will last a long long time. I'm very pleased with them. Now, what shall I make tomorrow, maybe some more hand stitching on the picture.
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