Wednesday, January 7, 2015

L O L :o)

Hello again. I was thinking about the laughs we had yesterday, we were all in a jovial mood and we bounced jokes off one another. Whatever topics we chatted about one of us always twisted it around to create another chuckle, or in some cases a real humdinger of a belly laugh. I like people like that, those you feel comfortable with, those who you can be yourself with and not have to put on a show. It makes life a lot more relaxed and easy going if you can say, here is me, take me or leave me, it's up to you. 
Today I am showing you this awful picture of myself. Years ago when I was a teenager, I would not have dreamt of letting anyone see me in this state. Before I stepped out of the door I had to put on a show for the world, where I looked presentable, fashionable, and as attractive as I could make myself with a bottle of  foundation cream and a paint box. 
Look at me now, the older I get the braver I get.  
I am now able to show the real me to the world, someone who is able to laugh at myself, and not take life too seriously. I don't worry about what other people think of me, because I like me as I am, and before you like anyone else, you have to like yourself first. Yes that might seem self centred and smug, but I would rather be happy, than be a miserable old grouch.

My message is simple, look for the fun in your life, laugh at your mistakes, laugh when you make an almighty cock up, and don't be afraid of making yourself look silly. Now go and look in the mirror, and bluddy well laugh.

Have a fun day. Toodle pip.

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