Sunday, January 4, 2015

Colour me happy

Hello. I've just found a fab little vid on yoootooob. I was singing Petula Clark's song to myself today, Colour my world, and thought I'd find it. This version is so vibrant. Take a look, it's fun, it's happy, and full of energy. Brilliant.

Has that got you in a happy mood, it certainly did it for me. My colour photo for today is.......
..... my washing. We've had a lovely sunny day, although it has been quite cold. No grey skies, but frosty on the ground. I wasn't sure if it would dry, but it has. 30 minutes at 30 degrees, same as I do all my washing, I never change the dials.

If you can read upside down you might be able to make out the logo on the front of the red and yellow teeshirts, this gives away the age of them. I started the Lady Truckers Club in 1986, we couldn't afford teeshirts at first so a company sponsored us and provided them. Once we had enough money in the kitty a couple of years later, we were able to afford our own, without company advertising on them. So these teeshirts are about 25 years old. That's good going isn't it, they have hardly faded at all. I wear them all the time, usually two or three layers in the winter, and singly in the summer. I wear teeshirts every day because I find them so comfortable, and best of all, I don't have to iron them. Ironing is banned in this house.

I had more of the pasta for lunch, but still had some left, so I made up half a mug of veg gravy in the microwave, cut up four nutty patties into small pieces, put it all in a pyrex dish, grated some cheese over it and microwaved the lot. My dinner for tonight. Eee by 'eck it were greet.

Are we all back to normal now? All decs put away for another year. I was going to get mine out but in the end I couldn't be bothered. All done and dusted, yeah, great. Now lets get on with this new year we have ahead of us. I'm off for a barf. Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.

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