Friday, January 9, 2015

All stocked up again

Hiya campers. It was a good haul at Tesco last night even though there was a bit of argybargy going on around Carol, the fruit and veg lady who was marking down. I had to say something out loud to the effect of, sharing it and there's enough for everybody, when it was obvious that the same two greedy grabbing people were piling it into their trolley. I shamed someone into passing me some mushrooms when I exclaimed, I only want one packet. I think in future I will go on a Tuesday, because that seems the quieter night. Thursday is popular, probably because it is coming up to the weekend. Anyway I stood my ground and got what I wanted. 
Someone gets very excited when I bring my bags into the kitchen. Anything for me in there? Yes, there's cooked chicken and beef slices, reduced from the Deli counter. 
Bread has gone into the freezer, £1.14 for these, plus I had a treat of five ring donuts for 6p. 
A good selection of salad, fruit and veg. Celery, grapes, bananas, prepared fruit, salad bowls, snacking dips, fine beans, jacket potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, baby kale, mangetout peas, and celeriac.£3.24 for all these.

I did buy some things without a yellow sticker, but I choose my items wisely. 6 small flavoured yogurts £1, Fresh milk 49p. Pet food 49p. Soft cheese 60p. Olive spread £1.50. Carton juice 65p. Plain yogurt 45p. Leerdammer cheese £1. Eggs £1. 2 tins baked beans 24p each. 4 tins rice pudding 15p each. 2 cream crackers 27p each. Quiche £1. Bran flakes 88p. 2 bags dry cat food £1 each. Total shop was £24.45. 
No fancy puddings in pots for me. No expensive juice. No brand name tins or packets. Only buy pet food on offer. 
I did treat myself to this cheese grater, (£3), I have been looking for one of these in all the discount stores but never found one. I had one of those box type efforts with multiple graters on each side. It was such a pain washing it. and I only ever used the one side, so I cut it down with a pair of secateurs. I have managed with that for a while, but the edges are a bit sharp and it was hard to keep hold of it while I grated. Now I have this supadupa version and the old one has gone in the metal recycling box. 
I was ages doing my shopping, chatting to the assistants, they are a friendly bunch. It has been announced in the news that Tesco are going to close 40+ not profitable stores. I think ours will be safe, it's in a prominent position, close to the motorway and football ground, and they have just opened an M & S nearby. I read that the new Imingham store will not now open, sad because they could do with the jobs in that area. As I was browsing last night, I did notice some lower than normal prices, so I think they are taking note of  trends and matching Aldi and Lidl. The quiche I bought is normally £1.19 in Aldi, Tesco have theirs at £1. All this is good news for the shopper.

There is a table at the front of the store full of donated books, put a few coins in the charity box if you want one. I glanced over them, didn't have time to rummage. This huge Readers Digest book caught my eye, well you couldn't miss it could you. Looks in good condition.

As well as the maps there are pages of interesting places to visit. Worth a couple of quid I thought.

The filling station was just about to close down for the night and I wanted some petrol. It is a 24 hour service but you have to put your card into the machine to get a fill up outside of opening hours. I have never done that before, so I asked the nice young man about to lock the door if he could talk me through it. Yep, it worked fine, so I might be getting my petrol that way in the future. Although I don't like the self service check outs in the store, it is a bit annoying when the pumps are busy, there is a queue to get in, and another queue in the shop to pay.

The weekend is upon us, doesn't time fly. I hope you have a good one. Catch you soon.
Toodle pip.

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