Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A walk with friends

Hi de hi, the walking has started. Today I went a walk with my two buddies, Paul and Paul. We went over the Humber Bridge and parked at South Cave. Paul was the leader, the one on the left, he got the route off the internet. I took my map anyway, because I like to plot out where I am going. I had done some of it before, and you may remember the picture of the two bendy wooden benches, at Little Wold Plantation. 
The weather wasn't very good when we started off, heavy clouds which rained down on us a few times. Misty and damp, glad I had the brolly. The ground underfoot was muddy and slippery.

We walked alongside a dismantled railway line for a while, then there was a long climb through Low Hunsley Plantation. Boy was I sweating when I got to the top, I think I had too many layers on. At the top there was a vast expanse of wide open farmland, and the wind was whipping across, it was freezing cold, I was glad that I hadn't taken any layers off.

Then on to Drewton Manor, we found a sheltered spot in a barn to eat our lunch. 
We meandered down the lane of the large estate and spotted Drewton Manor, half hidden through the trees. There are holiday cottages to let.

We crossed over the A1034 and headed for North Cave. Coming into the village the chickens were enjoying their foraging. The weather had changed and the sun came out. 
The church stands splendid on the corner. I like the way the shadow of the tree is thrown across it.

Out of North Cave down a long straight road, over the dismantled railway, and on to Everthorpe. I think this picture is elsewhere on the blog because I have been here before. The grey skies have all gone and now it's a beautiful shade of blue.

Across some very muddy fields out of Everthorpe, we then skirted round the edge of a golf course. Chance to scrape a bit of mud off our boots. Here are the boys standing outside the gatehouse of the Castle Hotel, at West End on the way back to South Cave.

Back to the car by 3.30pm, and home by 4 o clock. I've checked the miles on bikehike.co.uk, it came out at ten exactly. Ignore the pink line, that's from a previous walk.

I've had a brilliant day, lots of fun, and a good laugh. I've got such great friends here in the village. Now, where to next  ;o))

Ooooh, I've just noticed, I've gone past the six years of blogging, 'twas the 2nd January 2009 when I started. Happy Anniversary my little blog, and thank you to my bloggerettes who have stuck with it.

Toodle pip.

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