Monday, December 8, 2014

Sort of a book review, and other stuff

Hello. I didn't get much sewing done at the craft club this morning, spent the first hour nattering. I took the Hudl with me, to show the ladies who didn't come to the Christmas Fair, the pics from Saturday. But I clumsily swiped the screen and lost the blog page. I couldn't pull it out of the history list either because I wasn't online. I noticed that a lot of my older photo's have ended up on the Hudl, a bit annoying because I have no need for them to be there. As I flicked through them, like looking through an old photograph album, I forgot I was supposed to be sewing. I picked a few out to show the ladies, hey look at this one. It was a laugh. 
Right, what's on the agenda tonight. I was going to do a post about a book I am reading by Barbel Mohr, called The 21 Golden Rules for Cosmic Ordering, but I got waylaid on the internet doing some research on the author. A lot of what I found is in German, there are videos of her on yoootooob, but I can't find a button to translate. 
Ok I'll write a bit about the book now, but my brain is not fresh at this time of night, so it may be a bit garbled. Does anyone know anything about Cosmic Ordering? I know Noel Edmonds was talking about it a few years back, he said it worked for him. In the introduction it says it's asking the whole of creation for help when you have a problem you can't solve yourself. 
It goes on to say that the more you are thankful for and value life, the happier and more childishly unself-conscious you are, and the easier it is for you to automatically allow life to direct and lead you. Anyone who incorporates singing, dancing, and childish play in their life is being led by the cosmos and can hear the answers it provides. This person probably does not need to read this book, as they will already communicate with the cosmos. 
Well that's flippin amazing. I sing all the time around the house, I dance in the kitchen, and I like acting like a big kid. It's nice to know there is nothing wrong in being childish. Then it goes on to say the more we lose our joy in existing in the present moment, or the stiffer, more blunted and joyless we have already become in our daily lives, the more practice we will need to find our way back to our true natures.
I've picked out a couple of quotes which I find interesting. 'Being thankful and making the most of each moment is like turning your inner navigation system to the autopilot for happiness setting'. 'If all you do is whinge about the way your life is at present, you are criticizing the godliness within you'. 
The first rule in the book says, 'The world around you reflects the world inside you.' Hmmm, this needs further investigation. There are some very interesting messages coming through. Sadly Barbel Mohr passed away in 2010, but her husband Manfred is carrying on with her work. The English version of her web site is here. 
On a completely different note, I'm getting to the end of this bottle of moisturizer. It must be about four years old, don't splash it on willy nilly, I use all my lotions and potions sparingly. The bottle stands upside down so the contents run to the top. I've been scooping it out with a tooth pick, but now I need to do something else to use the last drop. The top doesn't screw off....
so the only thing to do is to cut around it with a stanley knife. There is another months worth of face cream here.

The label on this baby lotion has faded, it's been in the bathroom window sill. It must be old because they changed the labeling a couple of years ago. I still have half the bottle left. You can tell I don't go overboard spending on toiletries, ha ha.

It was very cold this afternoon, but nevertheless I still went for a walk in the park. Here are a few pics. Thorns sticking out of a tree trunk so I stuck three leaves on them. Tree art. 

Reflections in a pond.

Teeny weeny mushrooms on a tree stump.

Yes Rocky came, didn't bother taking a pic of him, you're not that interested are you  ;o))
Wind down time. Toodle pip

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