Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It has to last you

Hello. I had an idea of what I would write about today, but reading an article on the BBC news web site has changed all that. What I read has not only surprised me, but shocked me.

A few weeks ago, when the weather was warm enough to do a bit of gardening, I was out on the front trimming my hedges. It's a very relaxed community round here, people have time to stop and chat. A neighbour from up the road was passing, she was on her way back from the doctors surgery. It's also a medical centre and a dispensary, so a one stop shop for minor ailments. We are lucky to have that facility so close, I pick my hearing aid batteries up there.

My neighbour was complaining that they weren't being very quick about dispensing her medication, she had dropped the prescription off some days before and expected it to be ready. She came back empty handed, still not ready for a couple of days. Luckily she hadn't left it till the last minute and still had some tablets left from the last lot she had. Then she asked me if I had had problems getting my meds. I was puzzled, and said I don't take any. She was equally puzzled and asked, 'what, none?' I replied, I don't need any. It got me thinking, is it the norm to take some kind of medication? Surely not!

Then I just read this article.

Nearly 50% take prescription drugs. 

Apparently half of women and 43% of men are regularly taking prescription drugs, according to the Comprehensive Health Survey for England. The cost to the NHS is in excess of 15 billion pounds a year.

A few quotes from the article if you don't want to read the whole thing.

Nearly a third of prescriptions were for cardiovascular disease with more than 65 million prescriptions for tackling high blood pressure, heart failure or cholesterol levels.
Simvastatin - which lowers cholesterol - was the single most prescribed item with 40 million prescriptions.
"That half of men over 65 are taking cholesterol-lowering medicines reflects the high risk of cardiovascular disease in this group.
"Stopping smoking, being a healthy weight, eating more vegetables and fruit, and being physically active reduce people's risk of these diseases, for people who want to avoid taking medicines."
I find these statistics pretty shocking, I didn't know there were so many people popping pills. I blame all the junk food that's everywhere nowadays. It's too easy to get hold of. Jeez some people must have pretty rubbish diets. I know some of you are going to shoot me down, some illnesses are down to genetics, and yes they are, but surely not all of them. Surely some of it is down to what we put in our mouths. 
So, a percentage of the 50% who are taking meds, do so because they inherited some of their problems from their parents, but that means the rest who are being propped up with pills have ailments that are self inflicted. I'm struggling to get my head round this. I know what's bad for me, I eat crap and I am crap, so I try not to. 
A few years ago I had to have a camera down my throat, not a very pleasant experience. Things weren't working well, feeling sick, bloated, and lethargic. Somewhere on this blog is a photo of my duodenum, it looks lovely and clean, not a blemish on it. Some people thought that was a gross picture to publish, buy hey ho, you get me, inside and out. Thank goodness that my sicky state was down to my samey boring diet. As soon as I knew that, I could take steps to improve matters, vary it a bit more, make changes. Bingo, that was the answer. The cake thing last week was a reminder, OMG I shouldn't have done that, but now I am back on track. I will not buy a whole cake again. A small one maybe, but it has to be reduced, ha ha. 
Please please look after your health as best you can. It is the most important thing in your life. Love your body, love how it all works, love your heartbeat, love every part of it, and don't abuse it. It has to last you. 
Toodle pip. 

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