Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to make a Suffolk Puff

Hello. Did anyone see the gorgeous sunset last night? I spotted it looking out over the rooftops, from my bedroom window. Boots on, coat on, off to the churchyard for some pics. I like to play around with the flash, sometimes it works really well at picking out objects close by, and sometimes not. It depends on how much natural light there is. Love how it picks out the red berries. 
Silhouettes of the bare trees against the moody sky.

Love how the flash picks out the railings. It was still quite light at this point.

Love how the lush green leaves add even more colour to the red sunset. 
I like to try and frame the picture to draw the eye deeper into it. Looking for overhanging branches or strategically placed bushes.

Talking of pictures, I mentioned that someone wanted to use one of mine in a publication. I am happy to allow that, and it's nice that I was asked, rather than it just be taken. One of my photo's was used as a cover for a community brochure in Lincolnshire. Another was used in advertising material by someone in the USA who was coming to London to give a presentation at the London Palladium. He wanted a photo of the venue without any advertising boards on the front. I happened to be passing when there wasn't a show on and got the picture. Here is a link to Bed Times, my picture of a bed spring gate is at the top. From what I can remember I was in Derbyshire when I took it. 
What was I doing last night at sewing class? Making Suffolk Puffs. I don't know why they are called that, I think the common name is yoyo's. These are for embellishing the cushion cover I am making from a mans shirt. Still need some more. 

There is a gadget you can buy to help you make them. A circle of plastic which sits inside another circle and sandwiches the fabric between the two. They clip together and have holes around the edge that you sew through. Last week I borrowed one from a class mate, but she didn't bring it this week so I carried on making them without it. It's quite simple. Probably most of you know how to do this.

Cut a circle twice the size of the puff. Fold a single hem around the outside. I didn't bother to iron it, just folded as I was sewing. Basically you sew a line of small tacking stitches around the outside, and when you get back to the beginning you pull the thread tight, gathering the fabric into a puff with the raw edge on the inside. Then you finish off with a button.

I've just watched a video which demonstrates this, but the lady didn't make a hem, she sewed round the raw edge and pulled it in. I think this way is a bit messy and if you were going to wash the piece afterwards the raw edge would fray.

Here is another video which shows the hem method, and how to make square puffs.

If you go onto yoootooob and search Suffolk Puffs there are lots of ideas on what to do with them. Happy stitching. The sun is out and I am off outside. Got to dig up the last of my spuds. Hope all is good where you are. Toodle pip.

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