Monday, December 29, 2014

Getting on with it.

Moving swiftly on........Dontcha love a good laff. While bimbling around on yootoob I found this funny vid which is sure to titillate the chuckle buds. I challenge you to keep a straight face. You will fail.

If you like that, take a look at how it was made.

I am back at the holiday home, with two doggies by my side. The TV has been switched off, nothing else I want to watch. Don't think I will be getting a tele and a licence, it's a complete waste of time and money.

I only had time to pop in the craft club this morning and say hello. Last night I realized I hadn't paid my credit card bill because I had put it in a drawer and forgotten it. I wrote a cheque for the car tax, but there was no stub for the card payment. Oh dear, only two days to get it in, so I did a dash to the bank in town. It was only £31, but I didn't want to pay interest on it.

Thank you all for your comments and emails yesterday, and your support. Publishing the troll comment has really wound her up, her expertise is mind games. There have been more today. Sarcastic, smart arse comments, she's the sort of person who always likes to think she has the upper hand. I won't inflict any more of her vitriol onto you. I see some of you asked questions, if you want to email me I will answer them. There are two short answers I can give here. Yes, you are spot on, and yes, you are correct.
Now let's just get on with it and say.......... STUFF THE TROLL.

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