Thursday, December 4, 2014

Free sprouts

Hiya and hello. I've got five cute little cubes now. Someone (I'm hopeless with names), suggested they could be made into dice. What a good idea, yes they could. Might make some more, but I'll move onto something else now, got other stuff to do. Things to finish for the stall on Saturday. 

I went to town today. Took three bags of unwanted stuff to two charity shops. Most of it is what I got out of  a skip, which didn't sell on our cat stall on Saturday. 
 I went to get some cash from the machine inside the bank, and it ate my card. My fault, it went out of date on the 30th. I have a new card but hadn't swapped them over. Must get it activated tomorrow. I paid a visit to the Arts Centre to see what was new. A very colourful exhibition by Nick Sharratt, he illustrates childrens books. It was all very interesting, he has amazing talent. Sorry didn't take any pics. Here is a link to his very colouful web site.

My next port of call was the library, I chose some crafting and sewing books. Who should I meet outside with her bicycle was Joanne from the 1939 house. You may remember I wrote about her a while back, she lives down the hill from me. I keep bumping into her just lately. She was struggling to fasten her shopping onto her bike before the ride home. I offered to take her bags back in the car, but she was adamant that she lives the 1939 way, and this is what she does. She's a gutsy lady, it's five miles each way to town and back,. with a couple of hills to struggle up. I do admire her commitment to her chosen lifestyle.

Last place to call at was the pet stall in the market. They often have offers on short dated pet food. Just opposite is a fruit and veg stall and they were packing up for the day. My eagle eye spotted a couple of sprout sticks sticking out of a bag left out for collection, destined for the bin. Nowt wrong with them I thought so I asked for them. What a waste to chuck them, a bonus for me though.

Remember the story I told you about the green phone box full of wires being smashed up outside my friends house? She doesn't live there bye the way. As I walked by this morning I saw workmen had come to replace it. Knowing that my friend was not best pleased where they had put the previous one, overhanging the entrance to her drive, I dashed back home and got in my car and went to tell her that they were about to put the new box in exactly the same place. I gave her a lift so she could maybe get them to stop the job before it was too late. I sat in the car watching her remonstrate with them, her arms waving everywhere. I had to chuckle, she doesn't stand no messing. Didn't do any good though, they were only following orders. She has already had a lot of argybargy with Open Reach the telephone people. Looks like the saga of the box in the wrong place will go on and on, she won't give up until they move it two feet to the right, ha ha.

Anyway, I'm off to bed now, with my library books. Toodle pip

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