Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bye bye blondie

Hello, on this blustery Sunday night. I trust you had a good weekend, I've done the housework, boring but it's got to be done. My hair is getting a bit floppy in my face, really annoys me when I have to keep brushing my fringe to one side. Time for a trim. I do it outside the back door, didn't want to spend too much time on it so it was a quick chop all over. I wasn't going to take any off the neck, but thought, go on then, just a bit. 
Oh chuffin heck, the brush broke in half. I've got another one somewhere, if I can find it.

Next, on went the colour, a light brown shade, £1.50 from Home Bargains. Fancied a change.

Thirty minutes later, after using a conditioner and a waft over with a hairdryer, here is me bonce, now with a brown mop. I'm not keen. Darker shades don't suit me with having a pale complection, I didn't think it was going to turn out this dark. Not to worry, after several washes in a few weeks time it will lighten up.

Erm, excuse me Miss Heidi. The bath is not for cats to clean themselves in, it's for humans. Now stop licking your fanny and try to be a bit more ladylike. 
I've started my Christmas celebrations, I'm sipping a small tot of Port. Very nice. Tomorrow is family day, I have timed my visit to fit in with everyone else. I hope the motorway is not too clogged up.
Toodle pip

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