Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Big shop - little money

Wow, the shopping was brilliant tonight. Lucky I was there at the right time, lucky that it was late and no one else was around so I didn't have to fight for it. The fruit and veg lady dun me proud. I'll let the stickers speak for themselves. 

Six packs of super food beetroot, going to be scoffing those.

Six packs of diced onions. Going to be making soup and stews with those, for the freezer. I've got a bean stew pack to go with these. Already got some carrots. 
Starting to buy potatoes again, now mine are finished.

Plenty of salad items, love potato salad. Won't be having cooked meals for a while. There's also pasta salad and cous cous.

Nearly everything had a yellow sticker, apart from cat food, olive oil, wine, and tuna for the cats. Total was £17.25, the non sticker items were £14. So, £3.25 for two weeks worth of food. It is widely said that supermarkets waste a lot of food, maybe some do, but my Tesco store sells it off for 1p rather than chuck it. Thank you Tesco.
I am a happy bunny tonight. Toodle pip.

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