Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Be grateful

Good morning. A quickie before I get busy for the day. I've just been reading the news, Mrs Beckham won an award for her fashion brand, there are photo's of her and her husband David, all over the papers. No this isn't a post about them, it's about jealousy. Why oh why do people feel the need to spout such vitriol about someone they have never met and are never likely to meet. I'm talking about the comments here, which inevitably follow on from the main article. Trolls are everywhere, looking for any opportunity to pull people down, it's sickening, and I imagine most of the nasty comments are born out of pure jealousy. Anyone who is  doing quite well for themselves is seen as an easy target.

I don't know the Beckhams, but what I see is a hard working couple who look after their family, isn't that what everyone should be aspiring to do? So why the nasty personal remarks?

Jealousy is an evil which permeates throughout the whole of society. I want what you've got and if I can't afford to buy it, I will steal it. You have a new flat screen TV so I want one. Your child goes to a better school than mine, so I will send little Billy there. Sam down the road has a new car, so I will get a bigger one. Mary is going to the God knows where islands for her holiday, I want to go. You see what I mean. It's like a disease.

Did you see the recent TV programmes of Sue Perkins travelling up the Mekong River? She met lots of people who have virtually nothing, yet still are happy with their lives. Why can't it be like that everywhere? I do despair. Watch it on the iplayer if you can. Did you also see the pictures of people getting into punch ups on Black Friday in the stores as they scrabbled for the bargains? And now they are trying to sell their big screen TV's on ebay. serves them right for being so greedy if they don't make a profit.

I don't care if people have more than me. Well done to the Beckhams for getting out there and working hard, and giving jobs to lots of people. So what if she doesn't smile very often, would you, if you had cameras pointing at your face every time you stepped out of your front door.

Jealousy can turn people into killers, it can start wars. Sometime in the future it will bring about the demise of the whole planet. I will not allow jealousy into my life and I will not allow it to eat into my soul.

I'll leave you with one thought while I go about my daily business. Toodle pip

Live with an attitude of gratitude.

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