Monday, December 22, 2014

A long day

Hello. Long day. Just got back. Sister is well, brother in law is well, uncle is well, auntie is well. Still got roadworks on the M1 between junction 28 and 31, 50 mph, when will they ever finish it. Slow moving traffic round the Derby Ring Road from the A6 to Markeaton roundabout, took ages to get through it. Came back faster than when I went. B & Q night trunkers out, brought back memories, I was doing that job before I retired.

Meter reader has been, he's coming back in the morning. The gas meter is on the outside of the house, but he has to come inside for the electric meter. Don't know why he came, I have been sending the readings by email.

Been windy here, a conifer in a pot has blown over, I will have to move it to a sheltered spot. A job for tomorrow.
Toodle pip.

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