Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Playing with the new toy

Hello. It's been practice day with the Hudl. Oh my, how confusing it all is. Can't get the hang of swiping the screen, my technique is not consistent, what starts as a swipe ends up as a stab, and things pop up when I don't want them to. I wish I could add a mouse to it, it would make life much simpler. However, I must soldier on and keep trying. 
I went a bimble round the church to take some photo's with it. The bigger screen makes it a bit easier to compose a nice shot. Hold it out at arms length and walk around until you see the scene you want to capture. Zoom in and out by sliding finger and thumb in a pinching movement across the screen. In theory you should end up with the exact bit you want, which should eliminate a lot of cropping later.
I've been finding my way around the photo editing tools, a lot of them I don't understand, it's a case of try each one and see what happens. 
Right, photo's stored somewhere on the Hudle, next transfer some onto here. It's strange not having a mouse and a keyboard to jiggle things around with. I found the keyboard keeps popping up and covering the screen when I don't want it to, and it's not there when I need it. It keeps coming and going, very confusing. 
I managed to get some pictures loaded. I always put them on first then add the words after. By this time my brain was feeling a little bit pickled. The keyboard kept popping up when I didn't want it and an assortment of letters kept appearing in random places. I wanted to load the pictures in a different order than I took them but it wasn't having it. Now how do I move picture 4 to the picture 9 position without a mouse? Mega baffled now. Oh I give up, that's all the confusion the brain can manage for one day. I am now completing the task on the  Samsung Netbook. Here are the pictures taken with the Hudl. 
View of the front gate.

Playing with the enhancement tools. View towards the side gate.
A group of ramblers came strolling by. 
And disappeared out of the back gate.
More enhancement tools.
Black and white anyone?
View from the back gate.
Oh, and my little friend came too.
Phew I need a rest now. I am going to have to get to grips with this new gadget, it may take a while, ha ha.
Toodle pip.

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