Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Get ready for the big bang

Now now, don't get excited, I haven't been knitting. I just had to post pics of this Nativity scene, all hand knitted by Janet from our Chat and Craft Club. Aren't they just brilliant, so neat and so perfect, not a stitch out of place. No, she doesn't want to sell them, or give them away, they will be taking pride of place in her home for many years to come. 

Janet also makes bags. She made this one out of an old pair of jeans which no longer fit her. The needle felting motif on the front panel was also done by Janet. It's a handy medium size bag. 
Here are a couple more photo's of ladies hard at work at the meeting yesterday. This is going to be a woodland scene picture and needs thousands of tiny stitches. It's going to take ages to complete.

I'm not really sure what you call this type of crafting, but I do know the lady makes greetings cards.

I took along the patchwork I am making for the sewing machine cover. Another job I ought to be getting on with. So many things I want to make, need to sew some more shopping bags, and make some more of those fabric bowls. Another idea is lurking for the next piece of artwork.

This morning I started on the back garden at Helen's rental house. It's not very big so shouldn't take long. The cat pee smell is still there in the house, but not quite as bad as it was. She has some industrial cleaner on order which should sort it out. She has already painted all the walls upstairs, now is working on the downstairs, then the new carpets can be laid. It must be soul destroying knowing that she did all this fourteen months ago, and now has to do it again. I think if you take on tenants you hope they are going to look after the place and stay a long time. She was just unlucky, but is better informed for the next time.

Dinner tonight was a bit of a mishmash. I had some pasta left over, cooked extra on Sunday, so I microwaved that with some cheese sauce, and steamed some brussel sprouts, potatoes, and parsnips. I suppose it could have all gone in a pie dish in the oven, but I don't use the oven, so things got cooked separately.

The fridge freezer is buzzing a lot more than normal just lately. It seems ever time I go in the kitchen it is buzzing. Don't know what's going on there. Is it about to pack up, I wonder. I need to eat all the food in it, just in case. Maybe it needs de frosting. I've turned the thermostat down to 1, that stopped the buzzing, but it's started again. We shall see, I'll keep my eye on it.

I've got quite a lot of Tesco points saved up, and been thinking I might treat myself. I quite like the idea of getting a Hudl, has anyone got one? With the double up promotion I could pay a big part of it with vouchers. Something to think about.

Guy Fawkes night tomorrow night, are you ready for the bangs? Get your pets in early. Our fireworks started last Thursday, someone close by had a party. No doubt some will be saving theirs for Friday or Saturday night.

That's all, thank you for popping in. Toodle pip.

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