Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bargain food and free bags

Even though it's winter I still like to eat salad. Quick and easy and no cooking, save the gas. I had salad for lunch, and here is my dinner. A slice of cheese and onion quiche. Four portions for £1.19 from Aldi. Pasta salad, lettuce, radishes, mushrooms, cucumber, and spring onions, all yellow stickers. You can work out how cheap this meal was, at a guess, 50p ish.  
The teacher at college on Tuesday had two black bin bags full of fabric, donated by someone who makes costumes for the theatre. She said we could take some, so I chose blue medium to heavy fabric which is a bit like a stretchy denim. Today I whipped up four shopping bags and I will take these back next week and give them out to the ladies. I hope no one starts fighting over them, they will have to decide among themselves who is to have them.

The flowers are painted on.

They are lovely shopping bags. Thanks for visiting, come again tomorrow. Toodle pip

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