Saturday, November 8, 2014

A stitch up

Hello. The weather has been wall to wall rain today, so it's been a day indoors for me. Not to worry though, it's given me a chance to get stuck into the latest artwork. I've been stitching all day, my little fingers are sore. It's looking pretty darn good though, worth all the effort to get it right. 
So, what was I doing yesterday. I went to visit my friend Jan from the craft club, she lives at the other end of the village and as it was raining I drove myself there. She lent me some books a month ago so it was a good opportunity to take them back. I wanted to be nosy in her sewing room, see what fabrics she has. I must say her room is very neat and tidy, everything in it's place, and lots of lovely fabrics to drool over. She sorted out some more books for me to borrow, she has lots of them on every crafting subject. I took the Hudl with me and we had a play on that, she will think about getting one when she comes back from her holidays. 
My dinner yesterday was a scrumptious plate of steamed vegetables topped with grated cheese. Sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, parsnips and spinach. There is no meal better than this, I enjoy every mouthful. Today I had the same again, minus the spinach, and topped with garlic mushrooms. Simply divine. 
Here is a little teaser. I'm close to finishing it now, or I think I am. The bigger towel rail which I am using as a frame is ready to be wired onto the back of it. Anyway, must get on, want to do another hour before I wind down before bed time.

Enjoy your Sunday, Toodle pip.

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