Saturday, October 11, 2014

Visit to Sewerby Hall.

Aye up me ducks, I've been to Yorkshire today. The sun was out this morning so it was too good a chance to miss. I decided to go back to Bridlington and see the north side of it this time. I've never been to Sewerby Hall before, so I checked the web site for opening times and admission fees. That's a nice surprise the estate is free to enter at the moment, and the house and zoo have a small charge. The car park is also free.
There are 50 acres of award winning landscaped gardens, numerous woodland walks, and hundreds of benches to rest your weary legs as you walk around. There's a golf course, picnic areas, Clock Tower Tea Rooms, and the Stables Shop, they even have holiday cottages if you want to stay there. 
The Hall is a grade one listed building constructed throughout 1714 to 1720. Between 1808 and 1856, lots of additions were made to The Hall, and last year it went through a major refurbishment project. 
I must say the exterior looked fresh and clean, and well cared for. 
The archway at the side of the house goes through to the courtyard, with seating for picnics, and a shop.

Clock Tower Tea Rooms, lots of people sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. I took my pack up as usual and sat on a bench at the front of the house, where there is a wonderful sea view.

There was still a lot growing in the walled garden, though some of the beds in other places were empty. Would be best to come earlier in the year to see the beds in all their glory. 
Walking through to the Rose Garden. Not many roses left but lots of greenery and a few flowers.

What a cheek! Oh yes, and Rocky came too. 

Photo not so good, shooting into the sun. Nice colours.

This is The Pleasure Garden, and contains a collection of monkey puzzle trees. They are said to be amongst some of the oldest in England. 
Stunning Sewerby Hall.

We couldn't go in the Hall as buggies are not allowed, couldn't go in the zoo either, dogs not allowed. Not to worry, it was lovely to bimble around the grounds. It's just a short walk to the cliff top from here. That's where we went next. I'll split it here, and tell you about that tomorrow. Too many photo's for one post. If you are ever in East Yorkshire, try and visit, it's lovely.
Toodle pip.

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