Saturday, October 25, 2014

Trolley dolly on the hunt for bargains

Good morning. Listening to Sounds of the Sixties on Radio 2 as usual. Much more enjoyable than running round a track with 200 others on the Saturday morning Parkrun. I have given up on that, can get on my cross trainer if I feel the need to workout.

Trolley dolly did a town centre shop yesterday. I took the trolley because I knew I would have a lot of bulky stuff to carry. No point in stretching my arms when I can let the wheels take the strain. First port of call was the Cash and Carry on the way in. Not much to tempt me there. Mature cheese £2.50 for 350grm. I can get something similar at Aldi a bit cheaper, but although it says 'mature' on the label, it isn't as tasty, so I'll pay the £2.50 and get what I like.

I get pet food from Home Bargains, plus a few bits for myself. Two cartons of fruit juice, 59p and 49p, don't like to pay more than that. I use it very sparingly because of the sugar content, but diluted with copious amounts of water I can spin it out to make lots of drinks. I picked up a 500grm Coffee Mate for for £2.19, that's the same price as the other discount stores so it doesn't matter where I get it from. It costs a lot more at the supermarkets. Six large free range eggs, 99p is about standard price at most places.

On to B & M discount store. They have an offer on sugar at the moment. 69p per 1 kilo bag, or two for £1. Worth stocking up at that price, but the only thing I use it for is one spoon in my morning coffee, so it's going to last absolutely ages. Got the trolley so I might as well get it. There is an offer on Princes tuna flakes, 59p a tin, or two for £1. I got four tins for cat treats, All three cats like it, have to limit it though, too much salt. More pet food bought here. I treated myself to one 19p flapjack.

On to Wilko. I find this store expensive for what I want, but they have bags of Ultima dry cat food, chicken variety, at £1.75. Mayze and Heidi absolutely love this, though I limit it and give them a cheaper Whiskas dry as well. If you go and look for this, it's only the chicken variety at that price, other flavours are more expensive, don't know why.

Last point of call was Aldi. A few essential items needed. Two cartons of soya milk at 59p each. This is 65p at Tesco. A look at the Super Six veg offers, they are 59p today, and not much left, the counters look trashed. I rummaged through the 68p bags of bananas, searching for the largest amount I could get.  YAY, found 9 small bananas, that will do nicely. A bag of 7 large onions 59p. I would have liked smaller onions and more of them, but there aren't any, and I don't want to go traipsing anywhere else. A large tub of natural yogurt 45p. Two packets of cream crackers 28p each, these are a good price, and two packs of soft cheese with garlic and herbs, 49p each. I picked up a box of bran flakes, like to keep a spare in, 88p, same price as Tesco. I thought I might get a quiche, but they had a short date on them, and I have already had my quota of pastry type stodge with the pizza I ate. By the way, the pizza was awful, yes you do need to put your own topping on them, otherwise they are a rip off. I won't bother again, unless I find them drastically reduced to a few pence.

Looks like it might be a nice day, so best to get out in the sun, and top up my vitamin D. Have a nice weekend.
Toodle pip

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