Sunday, October 26, 2014

Nice and easy Sunday

Hello. Now what shall I write about tonight. No, that isn't a question for you, it's a question for me. I do not expect you to come up with ideas for a blog post, though if you do decide to ask me a question, I can usually cobble together an answer. You want to know how my day has been? Well, a bit uneventful. A mug of coffee got me going at 7am, nice that it's a bit lighter in the mornings now. The third tree was on my mind, the yellow one. I did some pink stitching on it last night, but wasn't happy, the colour wasn't right. So I unpicked it, and chose orange. Much better, orange stitching on a yellow tree, that will be fine. I got it finished, cross stitch, then had a bowl of bran flakes.

I did think about doing a load of washing but couldn't be bothered, There wasn't a full load in the basket so I decided to put it off until a bit more was added to it. The mess on the table was getting on my nerves, all the materials I had gathered together for the weaving were now a big tangled mess due to two cats using it as a bed. So I sorted it out to make some space to work on. Some of the fabric got binned, it frayed easy and was just too messy.

My elevenses was a banana sandwich, and my lunch was some of the tortelloni with spinach. This afternoon I did a bit in the garden. All the bean canes are now sorted, grouped together in size, tied up in bundles, and stored in the garage. I had a big hole in the middle of the raised beds, where an apple tree used to stand. It finally keeled over a few months ago, with a bit of pushing and shoving, and the hole needed filling in and the ground flattening. There was no apple tree root because it had rotted away, but there was a rose bush root which was next to it. A bit of sweating and cursing as I attacked it with a fork, and finally it came out. I put the contents of the compost heap in the hole and covered it up with soil. All riveting stuff, eh!

A bit more on the picture this afternoon, I can see the end in sight, but not yet. Just as I think it is not far off ready, I come up with another idea. You can't rush these things. You know I said I have been given another chrome towel rail exactly the same, well it isn't exactly the same, it is bigger. So, I have the choice of making another picture with it, or another idea is that I can place the smaller one, the picture, on top of the new one, and fasten the two together to make a frame. I wasn't going to give it a frame because I didn't think it needs one, but looking at them together, I think it looks pretty cool. I will give it some more consideration. You never know, I might come up with a better idea.

Dinner was steamed potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and sweetcorn. I made a drop of gravy in a mug in the microwave to go with it. Very nice.

Well blow me down, the bulb has just gone in my desk lamp, I think I've got a spare somewhere. Nope the spares don't work either, think it needs further investigation, maybe it's the switch or the fuse in the plug. I'll check it out later, meanwhile I'll finish this with the ceiling light switched on. I have another desk lamp upstairs if I can't get this one to work.

Oh gawd, here's Heidi back again, she will insist on lying on the table in front of me. I might as well give up.

I will sign off now as I've got the bath water running. It's a bit slow at filling up but I think it's almost ready. A nice long soak awaits me, bliss.
Toodle pip

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