Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hello, I'm a bit late with this, I've been watching yoootooob again, someone on a forum posted a link to a video which was 1 hour 30 mins long, I stuck with it as it was so interesting. If you are into healthy eating and food nutrition and losing weight, you might like to watch. It's a documentary about an Australian guy called Joe Cross who described himself  as fat, sick, and nearly dead. He decided he must do something about it because he didn't want his life to be dependent on the tablets he had to take every day. 
His plan was to take himself away from his usual environment and travel around America for 60 days while living entirely on juices. As time went on you could see the changes in him. He lost a whole lot of weight, he looked and felt better, and it looked like he was reversing the aging process. 
As well as the benefits to his slimmer frame he was also able to stop taking his medication. This was all done with the support of a medical doctor, who monitored his blood throughout the experiment. 
As well as it being a story of one man's determination to change his unhealthy lifestyle, there is a twist to it about three quarters of the way through. I won't tell you what it is in case you want to watch it, but it is so emotional it brought tears to my eyes. As well as being a heartwarming story, it is also educational, describing exactly what happens to your body if you choose to eat all the wrong kind of foods. It is well worth watching if you have the time.Switch the tele off when there is nowt on and watch this instead.

This is my dinner tonight, no cooking required. Lettuce, carrot, pickled onions, tomato, chickpeas, portion of quiche, cottage cheese, and dips. Lovely jubbly.  

Can't write any more, Heidi has her head on the keyboard. Toodle pip

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