Thursday, October 2, 2014

Food for the brain

Hello, Getting on with things a bit earlier this morning. It was a big ask yesterday to point you in the direction of a video that takes an hour and a half to watch. Not everyone has the time to sit through something that long. There is a natural break at the point where the first story appears to finish, and a second story emerges. You could split it that way and still enjoy the whole thing, because the two stories run parallel, drawing it to a very emotional conclusion at the end.

You know I am a nosy person, I have said it many times, but I am not nosy for the sake of it, it's not that I want to know everybody's business. It's just that my little brain keeps asking me, what's that all about, I want to know how things work, how they fit together, why things happen, and what makes them happen. The internet is an ideal tool to satisfy my curiosity. I wasn't interested in learning at school, the only lessons I liked were practical subjects like cookery, sewing, art, and cross country running, and writing stories. I hated being forced to sit for a couple of hours my head jammed up with a mass of numbers that made no sense at all, or listen to the teacher drone on about some battle or other that happened a million years ago.I didn't need to know that stuff. I wanted to know about life, how and why things happen, right now while I am a part of it.

I walk around my village in the evening, and now it is getting dark early I see people watching the tele. The screens are that big these days, it's easy to see what they are watching, and the same tele's in the same houses are on, night after night. There seems to be a lot of run of the mill stuff, which is neither taxing to the brain, or even remotely interesting. I suppose they call that entertainment. I ask myself if I am perhaps missing out, should I get a tele. But what would I learn from Strictly Come Dancing, or the X Factor, or the many quiz programmes it seems to be awash with. And don't tell me I can learn a lot from cookery programmes, my mum was there to show me how to knock up a meal.

No, tele on the whole does not add to my learning experiences at all. I have an appetite and I need to feed it. Just like my body needing food, my brain also needs sustenance in the form of stimulating information which I can dissect and consume.

I do pick out a few programmes for their entertainment value, to watch on the computer, but I am paring that down now in favour of  something that will give me food for thought. Even Coronation Street has been given the boot, where do they get those barmy stories from, and so repetitive as well. Same old same old is not what I want. I need fresh, new ideas to feed the old grey matter.

I've been checking out a few crafty web sites which I am happy to share. You never know, there might be some new ideas here to give you inspiration.
Contemporary Quilt is all about erm,... quilting. There are lovely pictures of amazing quilts and details of events which you can visit.
Effie Galletly is a landscape artist and quilt maker, her works are inspired by the landscapes and structures of the Western Islands and the West Highlands of Scotland. She runs workshops on the Isle of Lewis, which were very successful in 2013.
Gillian Travis is an award winning textile artist living in the north of England. Her web site is choc a bloc full of interesting stuff, I will have to bookmark this one. Her work is colourful and contemporary, inspired by her extensive travels, all are documented on her blog.
Anne Kelly is a textile artist who lives in Sussex. She collects recycled fabric and paper to create a range of work which is mostly framed. She has a blog, and teaches at her workshops.

There's a few to be going on with, Now here's the question....what do you read up about on the internet, what subjects feed your desires for more knowledge?  What are you studying, what subjects  are you keen to learn more about? Are you feeding your brain with the right fodder, or are you slumped in front of the box, content with chillin after a hard day with your nose to the grindstone? Hey, that's more than one question, never mind, I'm being nosy again, ha ha.
Toodle pip.

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