Friday, October 10, 2014

A very exciting day ;o)

I renewed my library books online today, just learnt how to do it, that will save a few bob as they were due today and I couldn't be bothered to take them back and the mobile library didn't come on Monday so I couldn't take them there. Aint technology clever. What with booking an MOT online, I am getting brave. What next, internet banking, no I don't think so.

I now get text messages from the dentist and doctors surgery, reminding me of appointments, not that I have many, almost nil in fact. I have heard that if you have a new fangled phone you can see the person you are talking to, not sure that's a good idea, means you have to comb your hair and put on a bit of slap just in case you want to impress the caller. Not that I am bothered about impressing people. I look pretty much ok as I am, sort of ordinary, I'm a blend in sort of person.

I had a chat with John the other night on skype, he said my hair looked nice. Don't know where he was looking, think he might need to go to Specsavers. I bought a £1 colour yesterday, need to do the roots. Did think I might go red again, but decided to stick with the blonde, it's ages since I was a redhead.

I've got a tickly cough, not a cold or anything. I feel pretty good, but I did a foolish thing at lunchtime, I breathed in through my mouth while I was eating cream crackers and cheese, and a few crumbs went down the wrong hole. Have you ever done that? It's very uncomfortable. Been trying to clear my throat all afternoon, Think I'll get another drink. Gargling didn't shift it either. Why oh why don't I keep my cakehole shut when I am eating. It's still irritating me now, hope I am not going to be coughing all night.

I spent an hour cutting my hedge, on the neighbours side, this morning. Picked up the bits as best I could, but not easy when they have fallen among the rose bushes. Good job they are not too particular about the border being tidy. All three of my cats came with me while I did it, they follow me everywhere.

Needed a filling lunch today as I was feeling a bit empty. Porridge is a good filler for breakfast, but it soon wears off by lunchtime, even with stewed apples and sultanas in it. So, lunch was mushrooms, courgettes with scrambled eggs and salad.

It was a nice day so I went off to Barton and had a walk along the waters edge, and Rocky came too. Another ride in the buggy. He likes watching the ducks.

Did some work on the weaving picture, it's coming along nicely. A friend from the craft club lent me some embroidery books and they have some good ideas in them which I might be able to use. I'm really getting into this textile art, it's fascinating.

Oh chuffin heck that crumb is still there, it's driving me nuts, I'm going to have to get a drink. I fancy a hot Ribena, maybe that will calm my throat down a bit.

Tatty byes and Toodle pip.

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