Saturday, September 6, 2014

The plan is, erm, now what was it?

Hello campers, Hi de Hi.  I've been thinking I ought to make a plan for my forthcoming holiday. I look at the map and think, I could go that way, or I could go the other way. I'm calling it the Bus Pass holiday, hopping on and off buses with some walking in between. Stop and have a look around, see places, chat to people, who knows where I'll be passing through, I don't. Should be quite exciting,

I haven't got anything ready for it yet, been too busy. I ought to start collecting my bits and bobs together, won't need much, try and keep the weight of the rucksack as low as I can.

House is clean, stocked up with cat food and cat litter, everything in place for Janet to come and look after kitties. Fridge is bare, all food eaten, I will fill it with bottled tap water, because apparently it works more efficiently if it is full. The freezer part is full so don't need to put anything in there.

Not much else to do really, except throw a few things in a bag, which will take me all day tomorrow, ha ha.

The Lancasters fly past didn't happen today, the weather was too bad, low cloud and lots of rain. There were lots of people out waiting for it. They were due to fly over Mr Robinson's house, and we were stood outside on the village green waiting. Someone came out of the house with the news, sorry not coming today. But, they are coming tomorrow morning at 9.20am. I shall be out there again, the weather forecast is much better for tomorrow so we keep our fingers crossed that this time it might happen.

Janet is back home from her trip, my last visit to her house tonight, kitties all happy and well. I've been sitting with them to keep them company, and watching a bit of tele.  I don't know why anyone bothers with it, not a lot to watch. Cooking and more flippin cooking. Buying houses at auction and renovating them, building new houses, extending houses, people wanting to move to the countryside, and house makeovers. Cops chasing criminals. Tons of crappy soaps, I have even given up on Coronation Street now, the storylines are  just so ridiculous. I flicked around the channels searching for something interesting tonight. There was people attempting to do gymnastics, about as interesting as watching paint dry. Harry Hill showing film clips of hapless people falling, tripping, or getting a leg stuck in a trampoline, hilarious, not. When the X Factor came on I'd had enough and came home. That is so boring.

Anyway, less of my moaning, I'm going to chill. Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.  

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